Anton Lgubnov- 3rd Prize

Anton Igubnov was born September 8, 1989, Russia. Since five years he started music education in Iordansky School of Music Arts in Kovrov (teacher Kreizer V.D.) He continued education in Moscow and graduated with honour Music Scholl at Chopin Moscow State College of Music Arts (MSCMA) in 2003 (teacher Bogdanov Y.A.). In 2008 he has graduated with honour Chopin MSCMA (teacher People’s Artist of Russia, professor of Tchaikovskiy Moscow State Conservatory (MSC) Naumov L.N.). In current time Anton Igubnov is a third grade student of Tchaikovsky MSC (class of Honoured Art Worker, professor of Tchaikovskiy MSC Nasedkin A.A.).

Anton Igubnov many times was a laureate and winner of regional competitions (in Vladimir, Murom, 1999-2000).

In 2001 in Lipetsk he became a laureate of Igumnov IV International competition, received special prize Artobolevskaya ?IV competition (2002, Moscow).

In 2004 he became a laureate of International competition for young musicians (Kurasiki, Japan) and laureate and owner of special diploma for creative individuality of international competitionа (Kassel, Germany).

In 2010 becomes a finalist of 17th Brahms International competition (Portschach, Austria).

Anton Igubnov is a laureate of Artobolevskaya III International festival (Chelyabinks, Bransk, 2003г.) and III International Festival of Modern Music ( He took part in concerts of Moscow Culture Fund, charitable Spivakov concerts. He performed a lot in concerts halls of Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Austria and Canada.

Many times he participated in tours with international orchestras in Germany during Russian-Germany forum of music (Bielefeld, Gütersloh, conductor V. Ryzhaev), on festival (Kassel, conductor M. Enkemeier, Germany), with symphonic orchestra of Rostov philharmonic society (Rostov-On-Don, conductor R. Revakovich, Poland), with symphonic orchestra of Chopin MSCMA (Moscow, conductor V. Ryzhaev).

Since 2004 till current time Anton Igubnov actively cooperates with Vladimir Gubernatorial Symphonic Orchestra (conductor A. Markin).

Anton is a scholarship holder of “Vladimir region land Hope” fund, Tchaikovskiy fund, Rastropovich fund. ?He is laureate of grant of Moscow Central district prefect and owner of Moscow Central district medal “They owners of the future”.