Dear Volunteers,
Welcome to CSIPCC Organizing Committee!

The China Shenzhen International Piano Concerto Competition is held every three years at Shenzhen Concert Hall, and it is organized by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Shenzhen Association for Cultural Exchanges with Foreign Countries.

Shenzhen in recent years has become one of the most international metropolises in China, making it a hot destination for a variety of international events and visitors; in this way it’s a great city to host such an important event.

The International Piano Concerto Competition is one of the top events of the city. By participating you may enjoy the opportunity to meet professional pianists from all over the world and share the experience of an international event and global networks.

In every competition a group of international volunteers including students, teachers, artists, supports the Organizing Committee and their efforts and valuable time are highly appreciated. We welcome enthusiastic volunteers for the 5th Competition who are keen on make a difference!

Volunteers Terms and Conditions
1. The competition is open to adults of all ages and abilities
2. Foreign language skills
3. Be devoted to music
4. Deal with complaints in the appropriate manner
5. Support other team members
6. Give notice if your availability changes or you are leaving the organization
7. Carry out the duties listed in your volunteer position description
8. Adhere to the organization’s policies and procedures

Host Family Terms and Conditions
1. Provide a clean and friendly environment
2. Make the pianist feel at home
3. Private time for the pianist’s practice
4. Provide access to a good Internet connection
5. Provide the guest with meals
6. Mealtimes should be decided between the guest and family on arrival
7. Provide the student with an emergency telephone number in order to contact you in emergencies
8. As part of the application process all host family’s accommodation will be inspected to ensure that it is of a good standard

The recruitment procedures

  1. Application

Volunteers and volunteer families can apply through email.

  1. Interview and visit
    The competition organizing committee will review the application. In addition, the committee will organize interviews and field visits to qualified individuals to finalize the selected list of volunteers and volunteer families.
  2. Hiring and training
    The competition organizing committee will hold a signing ceremony for volunteers and selected families to sign a service agreement. Also, committee will organize volunteers and volunteer families to learn tournament knowledge, hospitality etiquette, service rules and other trainings before contestant’s arrival to improve service quality.
  3. Feedback condition
    The competition organizing committee will give volunteer families and individuals awarded honorary certificates. Volunteer families’ list will be published through the media and the competition yearbook, also, in acknowledge of their help, concert tickets and souvenir gifts will be given to volunteers.
  4. Organization and coordination
    During the competition, the organizing committee will designate a person to all the volunteers and volunteer families to maintain communication, who will be responsible for answering questions, handling unexpected events, and delivering the latest competition schedules and results promptly to the relevant individuals and families.

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