◎ All the works must be performed from memory.

◎ Contestants have the responsibility to provide the best quality of the videos by post or online. The following details should be clearly marked on the videos, the repertoire, opus number, name of the composer, duration of playing time and contestant’s name. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost documents, photos or forms by post and reserves the right to request for additional information from the applicants.

◎ Contestants must arrive on the date the Organizing Committee has arranged to rehearse abide by the planned schedule. Late arrival will be considered as self-withdrawal from the competition.

◎ The repertoires cannot be changed after the reconfirmation form has been submitted.

◎ The order of candidates to perform in the competition for all rounds will be determined by the draw prior to the preliminary round. If necessary, the Organizing Committee has the right to adjust the order in the final round appropriately.

◎ After each round of the competition, the Organizing Committee will announce who will advance to the next round of the competition. All decisions of the jury are final and beyond any appeal.

◎ All rounds of the competition will be recorded and videotaped. The Organizing Committee has the exclusive rights of all audio and video recordings. Laureates are required to perform at Award Concerts and participate in the competition-related activities arranged by the Organizing Committee. Any unexcused absence from the above concerts and activities will be disqualified for the prizes.

◎ If the competition could not proceed for unavoidable reasons, the Organizing Committee will not undertake any responsibilities.