◎Placing Awards: (6)
1st prize: USD $30.000
2nd prize: USD $20.000
3rd prize: USD $15.000
4th prize: USD $12.000
5th prize: USD $10.000
6th prize: USD $8.000

At the same time, the 1st prize winners will receive a contract with Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and will perform at SSO’s seasonal concert series.

◎The Best Chinese Work Performance Award: USD $8000
◎Chopin Piano Concerto Award: USD $8000
◎Beethoven Piano Concerto Award: USD $8000

◎Outstanding Performance Award in the Semifinalist:
USD $ 3000 each (3 persons who win the seventh, eighth and ninth places)

◎Non-prize Winning Semifinalist:
E1000 each (3 persons who win the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth places)
◎Audience Prize: 1 contestant
◎Best Cooperation Award: 4 contestants
3 from the preliminary Selected by string quartet
1 from the semi-final and final: Selected by symphony orchestra

◎All traveling allowances and cash prizes are before tax. Prize winners should provide their bank account, and pay the income tax according to the Chinese tax law. The Organizing Committee is authorized to deduct the tax acting on behalf of the prize winners